What are bundles?

Gibtelecom offers great value through its bundles, which when purchased offer you considerable savings.

Internet Bundles:-

DATA1 – The DATA1 Bundle allows you to purchase unlimited internet for a 24 hour period at £3.
DATA7 – The DATA7 Bundle allows you to purchase unlimited internet for 7 days at £10.
DATA30 – The DATA30 Bundle allows you to purchase unlimited internet for 30 days at £29.

NOTE: Additional bundles may be purchased which will be added on to the existing period. The internet service is deactivated for Roaming during the bundle period. Terms and conditions apply.

TIP: Customers may check their Data Bundle expiry period by texting DATACHECK to 8100.

SMS Bundles:-

SMS100 – The SMS100 Bundle allows you to buy 100 SMS messages for £6, offering customers a saving of 25 Percent, with texts costing the equivalent of 2p less than the standard rate.

SMS200 – For a charge of £10, reload customers may purchase 200 SMS messages, providing a saving of almost 40 Percent, with texts costing an equivalent 5p each.

NOTE : SMS Bundles have a thirty day expiry date, however purchasing another bundle within the thirty day period will bring forward any remaining SMS messages from the previous bundle.This service is not available whilst roaming. Terms and conditions apply.

TIP: You can check your SMS Bundle Balance by texting SMSCHECK to 8100.

All bundles can also be activated via an SMS message to 8100 using the keywords (shown in block text) as follows:-
SMS100 – SMS100 Bundle activation.
SMS200 – SMS200 Bundle activation.
DATA1 – 1 day (24 hours) unlimited internet activation.
DATA7 – 7 day unlimited internet activation.
DATA30 – 30 day unlimited internet activation.

Furthermore, customers may also activate both SMS and Data Bundles by visiting the Gibtelecom Customer Service Centre at John Mackintosh Square. For further details please contact Customer Services:-

TEL: 20052200
FAX: 20044444
Email: customerservice@gibtele.com